Clothing Cycle

My thesis topic is to improve clothing waste issue by creating a design solution.

From my research, I found out convenience and motivation are the key factors that influence audiences’ decision to recycle or donate used clothes. I also came across a place called Scrap. It is a non-profit creative reuse center, a materials depot, and a workshop space founded in 1976 in San Francisco. Scrap accepts donations of all kinds of materials, such as brushes, paper, books, foam core, fabric samples, etc. And, I realized there is no creative reuse resource for clothing. I decided to create an idea of a new business which keeps the perfect cycle of reused clothing. This business has an online and a physical presence. The main goals are:

/ Simplifying the recycling process by providing free mailing boxes and envelopes.
/ Motivating consumers by giving rewards based on the amount of used clothes they send in.
/ Promoting the creative use of repurposing by helping crafters and artists get the materials they need and providing a marketplace for their products.

For more information, visit Clothing-cycle.com.